Aura Cacia Air Freshener, Electric, Aromatherapy, Uplifting Bergamot & Orange

Contents: 1 air freshener unit; 1 bottle [0.47 fl oz (14 ml)] Naturally scented with pure essential oils. Pure essential oils. Improved formula. Inhale the energizing aroma of Italian bergamot oranges without being pestered by native fruit flies. Use Aura Cacia Uplifting Bergamot & Orange in your living room or workspace to create an uplifting environment. And breathe easier knowing your true aromatherapy experience is naturally scented with pure essential oils. Traveling the world in search of the finest ingredients has allowed Aura Cacia to experience the delicate balance of nature first hand. That's why we're dedicated to sustainable sourcing and business practices bringing you the purest essential oils offered by nature. Made with 100% pure essential oils. Bergamot - uplifting, normalizing. Sweet Orange - brightening, uplifting. Tested & verified for purity. Not tested on animals. C UL US listed. Carton contains a minimum 40% post-consumer recycled content. Air Freshener unit made in China. Aromatherapy blend made in USA with imported essential oils.