Goodie Girl Cookies, Chocolate Creme

Certified Gluten-Free. No peanuts. Goodie girl for goodness sake! At Goodie Girl, we believe in the power of authentic, creative expression and the simple joy derived from the goodness of a sweet snack. Grateful for the opportunities I had to explore my own artistry as a kid, I am passionate about connecting children with opportunities for imaginative exploration and expression. I would like you to know that every purchase of Chocolate Creme Goodie Girl Cookies will help support Art Start, an award-winning, nationally recognized model for using the creative arts to transform young, at-risk lives. Thank you for helping us foster opportunities for creative expressions. -Shira. Connect with us: Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Instagram. LEAP - With this purchase, you are supporting our friends at LEAP. Their mission is to provide underserved children with educational arts programs that foster creativity. Thank you for helping us help others. To learn more go to Try Our Favorite Flavors: Cookies: Mint cookies; caramel apple; cocoa slims; birthday cake; fudge; toffee crunch; chocolate chip; double chocolate chip; oatmeal raisin. Made in USA.