Deep Indian Kitchen Naan, Garlic 3 ea

Always made from scratch. Authentic Indian bread, garlic, coriander. Baked in our clay over. Hatched stretched. Welcome to deep and welcome to our Indian family's kitchen. Naan is India's most popular food. so we would never send you home without offering our Garlic Naan. We make it from scratch, the way our family has for generations - by hand - stretching the dough, seasoning it with garlic and coriander, and baking it in a clay tandoor oven. No vampires are harmed in the process. This dish is prepared with: garlic, coriander & wheat in a tandoor oven. Deep Indian Kitchen: To our family, the name Deep is, well, deep. In India it means lamp and enlightenment, and our mission is to share the best of India's culture with everyone. That's why we care so much about our food and every purchase benefits our Deepkiran (Ray of Light) Foundation, which helps children in rural India access education. Children we support each year 22,000 plus.