Emerald Cove Arame, Pacific, Organic, Silver Grade 1.76 Oz

An edible ocean plant. Premium quality dried seaweed: eisenia bicyclis. USDA organic. Although packaged arame is similar to hijki in appearance, arame is a species of kelp, and more closely related to wakame and kombu. Arame has a sweet, mild flavor and crisp texture Emerald Cove Organic Arame is gathered off the Ise peninsula, the site of one of Japan's most famous shrines. It grows approximately 20 feet below the low tide level, and is harvested in late summer by women divers. After harvesting arame is sun-dried, washed, and soaked in fresh water, then steamed and soaked in the still-hot cooking water for as long as twelve hours. The arame is then drained, pressed, cut into slivers, and sun-dried a final time before packaging. Just say no to GMOs! Pledge of Organic Purite: All ingredients certified organic; No ingredients have been irradiated, genetically engineered or genetically modified; All ingredients grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides; All ingredients processed without artificial preservatives, colorings, or flavorings; All ingredients grown, processed, packaged, and stored in certified organic facilities. Certified organic by Quality Assurance International. Certified Kosher by Atlanta Kashruth Commission. Naturally fat free. Good source of calcium. Product of Japan.