Notebook Red Wine, WA-14 NV, Columbia Valley 750 ml

WA. 14NV. To craft a wine that is more compelling and interesting than a single vintage and varietal wine, we employ the centuries-old practice of blending wine lots from multiple vintages (vertical blending) with multiple grape varieties (horizontal blending). The artistry is in the blending, A nearly religious practice that relies on the winemaker's taste, skill and experience. Notebook is a blend of 55% cabernet sauvignon, 20% syrah, 17% merlot, and 8% malbec, sourced from exceptional vineyards that thrive in the Columbia Valley's hot dry climate. This blend is a wonderful example of what can happen when a variety of young fruit driven wines are blended with more mature complex wines. We hope that after tasting this wine you will bookmark it as one of your favorites. Alc. 14.1% by vol. 28.2 Cellared and Bottled by Bookwalter Cellars Posser, WA 99350.