Sierra Nevada Beer, Pale Ale

Handcrafted ale. Purest ingredients. Finest quality. Family owned and operated. Fresh seal cap. In 1980, we created a beer highlighting the bold piney and citrus flavors of whole-cone Cascade hops. The quality, craftsmanship and flavors were so unique that they helped change the face of American brewing. Today, our all-natural, bottle-conditioned Pale Ale is recognized worldwide as a classic. 1968: A young Ken Grossman became a homebrewer when he brewed his first batch of beer, a stout. 1976: Ken opened a home-brewing shop in Chico, California. 1978: home-brewing became legal in California. 1980: Ken started Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. with just a few thousand dollars and some used dairy equipment. Today: Ken and his family own 100% of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., one of the most successful independent craft breweries in America. 100% family owned, operated & argued over. Zero waste certified. US zero waste business council. Please recycle. Alc. 5.6% by vol. Brewed & bottled by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.