Stirrings Stirrings Cosmopolitan Mixer 3

Blend of cranberry & lime juice. All-natural. Real juice. Simply add spirit to make about 11 cocktails. Since founding the company in Nantucket in 1997, we've made it our mission to use only the very best ingredients - real juice, triple-filtered water and a touch of imagination - because after all, better ingredients make simply better cocktails. Thank you for trying our product. Cheers, - Bill Creelman and Gil MacLean. A cultured cosmo. The Cosmopolitan is truly one of the world's most splendid cocktails. A mere sip seems to make everyone more interesting. Our Cosmo mix combines bright cranberry juice and key limes to create this pink pantheon of pleasure. Contains 30% juice. No preservatives. All-natural. Natural ingredients will separate. Made in USA.