Omission Brewing Co. Ultimate Light Golden Ale, 6 Pack 12 fl. oz. Bottles

5 carbs. 99 calories. Crafted to remove gluten. Per 12 fl oz Average Analysis: 99 calories; 5 g carbohydrates; 1.5 g protein; 0 g fat. Every brew is tested for gluten. See your bottle's results at I want to brew a craft beer that my wife and I could enjoy. - Joe Casey, Omission Brewmaster. In the early 2000s, our brewmaster's wife was diagnosed with celiac disease. That's a tough diagnosis when you work in the beer industry and love drinking traditional craft beer. So, Joe made it his personal mission to brew a great tasting craft beer made from traditional ingredients and then crafted to remove the gluten. He didn't care about following any trends, he just wanted to make a craft beer for people who need or want to avoid gluten. That's how Omission Brewing Company was born. Sustainable Forestry Initiative: Certified fiber sourcing. Oregon Quality & Integrity Brewers Guild. Please recycle six 12 oz. bottles. Paperboard packaging recyclable. Visit us online at: 4.2% alcohol by volume.