Saranac Irish Roots Beer Series - 12 CT

Saranac® Irish Roots Pack™. 2 new styles! Pale ale² & Irish lager. Presents: 12 Beers Series™. Four inspired Irish-style beers. "Black". "Tan". Mix em! Saranac® Pale Ale²™ new! It's hop to be squared. Saranac® Irish stout. Saranac® new! Irish lager. Saranac® Irish red ale. Twelve - 12 fluid oz bottles. Saranac® Pale Ale²™: This exponential riff on the style takes pale ales to a whole 'nother level. Enjoy the citrusyltropical hop character in this unfiltered beauty. Saranac® Irish stout: A dry stout with a smooth, slightly roasted taste that makes for an easy-drinking ale. Try mixing with our Irish lager! Saranac® Irish red ale: Select malts are crystalized, caramel-ized and delicious-ized to develop a wonderful roasty sweetness and a rich, deep garnet color. Slainte! Saranac® Irish lager. A pale lager with notes of toasty, biscuity, sweet malts and a touch of floral-herbal hops. Perfect for blending with our Irish stout! A family brewery since 1888: At our family-owned brewery, we have a long tradition of taking pride in our beers. That's how we've quietly earned our reputation as one of the country's most respected brewers and the only historic regional brewery that is today a craft brewer. We still brew our beers to the same quality standards established by our grandfather and great-grandfather more than a century ago; the proud tradition that inspired the Saranac family of beers. In each bottle of Saranac you can taste our commitment to quality and patient attention to detail that has been the signature of our brewery for four generations. We hope you enjoy your Saranac. Our founder would be proud to know his legacy endures. And if you're ever in our neck of the woods, be sure to drop by...and help us celebrate over 125 years of craft brewing. -The Matt family. You are obviously someone who appreciates the better things in the exceptional quality and flavor of the Saranac family of beers. So why not become a member of the one club that truly appreciates your point of view Club Saranac celebrates every aspect of the beer-lover's passion, with insider news, giveaways, member-only contests, previews of new Saranac products and varieties, trailwear specials, and more...all chronicled in our fun monthly e-newsletter. Don't miss a single minute of it; log on to and join Club Saranac today. It's easy, it's free, and it's all about what a great beer should be! Discover more about our beers and our brewery. Learn the finer points of beer tasting. Find out what's new at Saranac. Check out our own Saranac trailwear. Please recycle. ©2017 Matt Brewing Company.