Capital Brewery® Special Pilsner® 6-12 fl. oz. Glass Bottles

Contains 6-12 fl. oz. non-returnable bottles. A German-style pilsner brewed with malts and hops imported for Europe. The slight sweetness of pilsner malt is perfectly balanced by the clean, dry bitterness of noble hops. One of our original Garten Brau beers, Capital Pilsner has truly stood the test of time. Brewery Tour Info: Capital Brewery was born on March 14, 1984. After all these years, locals and other Midwest types definitely know our whereabouts. But for those of you still searching, we offer the opportunity to see our beer-making process. It's easy to schedule a tour for you and your guests. Just visit, or scan this code and make your reservation now. One of the Originals! Real Beer Craft Brewed™ From a Real Brewery