If you’re not yet a member of New Pioneer’s Co-op Cart, begin by creating a free account.

After creating your account, begin shopping Co-op Cart by clicking the Shop button on the menu bar above.

Once you’re shopping, you can filter for EBT SNAP Eligible products using the Shelf Tags checklist located on the left side of the page. Once selected, only EBT items will display until you deselect the EBT SNAP Eligible checkbox, click the Shop button, or leave Co-op Cart.

After making your selections, click the button with the shopping cart icon in the upper left corner to complete your purchase.

Enter your contact information and the time you’d like to receive your order. You can also, use the “Switch to Delivery” button for delivery – however, deliveries are not covered by SNAP.

Use the Continue button to review your order and enter your payment. After reviewing your order information, select EBT SNAP under Payment Method and enter your card number. Once you’ve entered your number, you’ll need to enter your PIN twice, once to verify your amount and again to confirm your purchase. You may also need to enter credit/debit card information if a portion of your order is not covered by SNAP.

Once completed, click the Place Order button to finish your order.