Shop by Search

If you have a shopping list, use the Search Bar in the header to search for each item. You can type in “apple” and view all items that are apples or apple products.

You can also search by brand. If you want a specific brand of milk you can type in something like “Hansens Milk” or Hansens Whole Milk” for a more focused search.

If you search for a specific item and no items are available, try simplifying your search term to see if it populates.

Once you find an item you’d like to buy click the Add to List button or click on the product image for more information.

If you find an Item you like, but don’t want to buy at this time, you can click on the heart in the upper right corner of a product listing to add it to your favorites.

Shop by Sale Items

You can view these items by simply clicking on the Green Co-op Deals square on the Homepage or on any product page (for instance Just select the “On Sale” option in the left hand side bar just above “All Categories”. All items with a dark green button are on sale.

Shop by Favorites

Want to save time shopping for the items you frequently buy or consider? Customize your shopping experience by selecting the “favorites” heart in the upper right hand corner of the products you like. You can then view these at any time by clicking the My Favorites link in the top right corner of the header or on the left hand side bar just above “All Categories”

Shop Using Shelf Tags

Looking only for items that fit a specific dietary need? Shop with our “Shelf Tags”, located at the bottom of the left hand side bar on all shop pages. You can filter by Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Local, Raw, and Low Sodium among the 20+ options. This will filter only items that meet this attribute and allow you to use the search bar while filtering.

Shop by Category

If you’re new to the Co-op or you’d just rather browse, you can view items by category as well. These categories are defaulted to our most popular items, so you can get an idea by browsing, what people like best from us (or at least buy the most frequently). No mistake, our vegan chocolate chip cookies from our bakery are a customer favorite!

If you’d like to narrow your search within a department, you can use the second search bar just under the department name (ie. Produce) to find items just within the department. This is helpful when your searching for an apple but don’t want all apple products that the Co-op sells.