My Favorites

Customize your shopping experience by selecting the “favorites” heart in the upper right hand corner of the products you like. You can then view these at any time by clicking the My Favorites link in the top right corner of the header or on the left hand side bar just above “All Categories”

This will save you time in the future instead of searching by category or search bar.

Create Shopping Lists

You can create a variety of shopping lists under your account. Just click on “My Account” in the top right hand corner of the site. Under “My Account” navigate to “My Shopping Lists” in the left sidebar and click on the dark green “New List” button.

Two lists that are often helpful are a Weekly Staples List and a Monthly Staples List. You can add any items (quantities and substitutions) that you buy on a regular basis so you can just click “reorder” instead of reselecting these items every time.

You can make adjustments to your list once you click reorder, but this adds all of your items from a selected shopping list into your checkout.

Adding Items to a List

In My Account, under My Shopping Lists create a “New List” or select the dropdown arrow next to Modified Date and choose “Make Active” for the list you’d like to update. A green heart will appear next to the active list. Next, go to “shop” in the green navigation bar and start adding your items.

You can view your list of items any time by clicking the dark green cart button in the green navigation bar.

To switch lists, go back to My Account > My Shopping Lists and choose “Activate List” from the dropdown arrow next to the list you’d like to switch to.